Roof Cleaning

Concrete, slate, clay and artificial tiles
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Often the neglected part of a property, dirty, discoloured tiles can be restored at a fraction of the cost of renewing a roof. Our proven method not only restores the tiles but will prolong the return of moss, algae and lichens for years to come. We also carry out minor repairs and will replace broken tiles if necessary. Safety is paramount, so when assessing a roof clean there are several considerations that need to be made and these will be discussed with our customer beforehand.

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After brushing the tiles clear of all moss and debris such as leaves and pine needles we then apply a biocidal detergent (AlgoClear Soft Wash Pro) to kill any remaining moss spores, algae and lichens. Over the following few months, the roof will continue to improve in appearance as the UV rays from the sun and rain showers continue to wash the roof clean. You can expect to see full results expect up to 6 months later. As a commitment to the environment Lilliput External Cleaning has pledged to plant a tree for every roof cleaned through the Woodland Trust.